President Message

Mr. Ch.Naveed Ahmed

M/s Fatima Vegetable Mills (Pvt)Ltd
12-K.M Faisalabad Road,Okara

Respected Members

First of all I am thankful to Allah, the Almighty, for giving me this great honor. I also want to thank you all for reposing your confidence in me. It is a great honor as well as a big responsibility.

I acknowledge the good efforts of my predecessors for the betterment of the Chamber and their contribution to highlight the problems of business community at all forums. I would take forward their good work.

I have assumed this position with a strong commitment to serve the business community and make best efforts for resolving key issues being faced by trade and industry. For this purpose, I would try to develop close liaison with all stakeholder organizations to facilitate growth of trade and Industry.

We must understand that dynamics of the business are changing fast in post Covid era. Therefore, I would request OCCI members to keep sending us proposals and suggestions for improving our services .Your recommendations and support would enable us to achieve standard of excellence in working and making the Chamber a stronger platform.

I assure that with the blessings of Allah, the Almighty, and your cooperation, we shall be able to play our role effectively.